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I Have seen it done But How?


I Have seen it done But How?

I have seen it done and would like to know how.


Recently I obtained a product that I could resell and keep 100% of the profits and all I had to do was enter my paypal email address to the end of the web address like the following :

webaddress/?e=my paypal email address


So how is this done, is it done via Paypal or is there special code?


Can Someone Help Please.


Thanks in advance



Re: I Have seen it done But How?

Hi crowsman,


Could you supply a little more information about the nature of this arrangement? It bears a little more consideration before you get involved, because it has several earmarkings of a potential scam.


Whenever you're offered an opportunity with an abnormally large return on investment, it's important to really scrutinize the business model and find out exactly what you're getting into. Dig down deep and ask yourself a few questions:


What does this supplier get out of the deal?

Why do they need you to redistribute if they're on the level?

What is the potential for loss here?


Even if the potential for loss seems low, keep in mind that scams sometimes involve continued investment to recover lost funds, each investment "guaranteed" to salvage the last one. People keep throwing good money after bad in a frenzied scramble to hopefully recover their funds, and sometimes end thousands of dollars in the red.


Lastly, also consider that if there doesn't seem to be any financially sound reason for a vendor to need you to act as a middle man, there may well be a legal reason. Is there a potential that someone is asking you to do something criminal?


For more information about keeping yourself safe, the following links might be helpful.


I hope this helps!



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Re: I Have seen it done But How?

Hi There Olivia,


No it isctually above board.


It's a affiliate marketer that provides a product I can sell and keep 100% of the profits and then the download pages and squeeze pages are his ...thus he is building his mailing list and trying to sell more products on the way.


Therefore I get the sale from something I don't own but he gets the contact and possible more sales.

I tested it and it works fine and is all above board but also a nice way to build a mailing list.


I have a few products of my own I would like to do it with to build my very small mailing list but don't know how to do it.


As I said all I did was enter my paypal email address to the end of a web address he supplied in the form I showed in last email and when the buyer clicks on the buynow button/checkout button it gows to paypal ...I get paid for item and then paypal redirects to a pre determined page where I can download the item, join a mailing list and was offered more items for free or to buy.


But my problem is I don't know how to do it and would like to know.




Re: I Have seen it done But How?

Hi crowsman,


I still need a bit more information to truly advise here.


From the way you describe it, what stands out to me is that you're collecting payments for something that your affiliate is responsible for delivering. This puts you in a prime position to experience loss if he suddenly stops delivering, or if problems occur. You may also want to consult with an attorney in your area to determine what your potential liability could be if the downloadable information you're distributing turns out not to be the property of the affiliate you're working with, or if other issues arise.


Additionally, if your affiliate is building a mailing list from these transactions based on the email addresses associated with the transactions and without the express permission of the participants, this would be a violation of the Privacy Policy to which all PayPal customers agree.


When a person puts you in a position to experience 100% of the gain in a business arrangement, it's definitely important to seriously question why, and take the answers with several grains of salt. The answer is usually that there are risks that the other person does not want to face, and what they're buying from you is your reputation, and your risk.


I wish I knew more about how your affiliate set this up, because it might tell us more about what's going on. I know you came in here asking the forum-goers if they could help you with setting that up yourself, so I'm guessing you don't have that information. If you do have more information to share, please let us know.



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