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Can I spend money that is pending?

Paypal keeps money that I receive from Ebay for up to 21 days or until I receive Positive Feedback. The money goes into my pending balance.

I was wondering, for example: I have 10 dollars 'available' and I have another 10 dollars in my pending balance. I want to buy something that costs 20 dollars. Will the rest of my money come from my pending balance if I don't have enough 'available.'

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Re: Can I spend money that is pending?

Hello Konkey!


Welcome to the boards!


You would be able to use the funds in your PayPal available balance for purchases.  The funds in your pending balance would not be able to be used until they are released into your available balance. 


So, what would happen in the situation you described, we could pull $10.00 from the available balance--and the remaining would be funded from either your bank or credit card. 


Hope this helps!