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claim money from my ebayers

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Hi Im new person on Ebay. I still have to learn a lot. I would be grateful if somebody could help me. I have sold my few items on ebay recently, and then I received money  but the thing is i cant claim them.

Simply enter your password to complete the Email Address Confirmation process. If your email program has problems with hypertext links, then you may also confirm your email address by logging into your PayPal account. On your My Account page there will be a link to Confirm Your Email Address. Click on this link and, when requested, enter the following confirmation number: IT DOESNT WORK AT ALL. I have no idea How could I claim money.

Please I need help, many thanks for replay to my quastion.

Kind regards.

Take care.


claim money from my ebayers


Hi Irozy,


Thank you for joining the PayPal Community Forum!


Sorry to hear that you are having issues to confirm the email. You should be able to confirm your email address if you click the confirmation link that appears in the email you received from us.

After clicking the link, you will be required to enter your password. Then you just need to click Confirm. If you are unable to open the link, you will have the option to enter the code that is included in the email.


Once the email address is confirmed you will be able to claim the payments. If you are not able to confirm the email address, you contact us via Facebook: or Twitter: @AskPayPal





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