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PayPal holding funds


PayPal holding funds

PayPal have just informed me that your funds can be held even after years of use with a perfect seller rating based on PayPal worldwide regulations that are not part of the user agreement.

so under these worldwide regulations your are classed as a security threat at all times, and because of this they can hold your money for reasons such as: you have not sold an item for a few weeks or you receive a payment of more than 10 pounds with a few weeks break of selling. This means you are a threat to PayPal if you do not sell items every week.

but here's the good bit, since they are claiming that worldwide regulations are applicable to all U.K. And other countries members outside the USA are also entitled to claim compensation from PayPal for unlawful holding of funds under the USA class action lawsuit under world wide regulations.

search USA class action lawsuit against PayPal and you will see there is an escrow account set up to compensate for unlawful holds, and if you contact PayPal to ask if you are subject under world wide regulations without your knowledge or disclosure of the fact in the user agreement, then PayPal will answer yes you are... so you ARE entitled to claim compensation under world wide lawsuits. 

Thankyou and your welcome PayPal 

from your long term and security threat customer 



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