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PayPal Me charging fee

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PayPal Me charging fee

Hello team.


I have used paypal me to receive an amount from another user.


I have sent him my link and he transferred the money from his UK based bank account. 


When I received the money I paid a fee of 13.56£ but according to the fee FAQ it should be none.


Anyone with similar experience?



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Re: PayPal Me charging fee



Its only free if he selects the friends / family option,if he uses good and services then you pay a fee.


From the link >>



 Please note: if you have your link set to Friends & Family and sell something, your customers can choose Goods & Services when they're sending you money. That way, their eligible purchases will be protected with PayPal Buyer Protection and you'll pay the standard PayPal fee.


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Re: PayPal Me charging fee

Hello, I am having the same problem.


I am paying using Paypal.Me NOT using goods and services and NOT using a credit card, yet it has charged me fees. Although I have paid a fee to SEND the amount.


Any ideas?

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Re: PayPal Me charging fee

Hi, I've been having a similar problem,


Me and my friend regularly send money to each other because one of us will buy shopping and pay the other one back, we'd never been charged until recently, and now we are charged on every transaction.


It is not shown on my friend's account when he sends the money, so it looks like there is no fee, however when I recieve the money there is a fee.


I would also like how I can get my money back from PayPal as it was not clear that I was being charged  and we made no change to the transaction method that we're aware of. It's very misleading and we will definitely discontue using PayPal if this is not resolved.

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Re: PayPal Me charging fee

Hey Nccartmel. 


It just happened to me this one time but I don't use it too often, so yes, it is misleading.


Hopefully, someone can clarify things.