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PayPal Incompetence

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I sold an item on eBay on 3/15 for $50.99.


A few days later a message appears on eBay that my funds will be available on 4/1.


I access my PayPal account several times between 4/1 and 4/27, but see no evidence of any credit to my account or any mention of the $50.99 payment.  Also, I have received no email from PayPal notifying me that I have money available.  So, on 4/27 I begin the process of tracking what happened.


First, I call eBay and they confirm the payment was made and gave me a payment tracking number of 37a741389c290680n.  I call PayPal and the representitive says there is no such number.  The rep asks for the buyer's email address and of course I have no way of knowing the email address.  I theorize I may have the tracking number wrong and offer to call eBay again to confirm the tracking number is correct.  I call eBay and confirm the tracking number is correct.


I call eBay again and this time the representitve can use the tracking number - the same one the previous rep couldn't use.  He finds that the payment has been sent to PayPal, but has been SENT BACK TO THE BUYER because the "payment was not claimed within 30 days".  Well, how was I supposed to claim it since I received no email and there was no notification on my PayPal web page???  And why would PayPal send the payment back rather than just holding it until I made the next eBay purchase?? (I've made 5 purchases over the last 3 months)


I'm guessing it has to do with something about verification of my email address.  I should mention that I've been an eBay/PayPal user for over 15 years and PayPal has sent me dozens of messages to the same email address that has been attached to my account for 15 years.


So, what's the situation now.  PayPal has notified the buyer that the funds were returned to his account.  If he is nice enough he will go out of his way to send the $50.99 to me again to cover for the PayPal **bleep**-up.  Otherwise, it was suggested that I file a "no payment received from buyer" complaint with eBay.  This I will not do.  The buyer made the payment.  It's PayPal that has a problem.  Let's see if PayPal can satisfy this highly **bleep** off customer.


PayPal Incompetence


The first sentence of the 4th paragraph should read:


I call PayPal again and this time the representitve can use the tracking number

PayPal Incompetence


Hi there Noiserider.


I'm sorry to hear what has happened recently with an item that you are trying to sell through your PayPal account.


It sounds to me that the payment could be trying to be sent to an email address that is not currently active on your PayPal account.


This would explain why you did not receive any emails from PayPal and it would also explain why you have not seen any indication of a payment on your PayPal account.

Can you please try going through the steps that can be found here in order to see if you can try to locate where the payment is?



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