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Do all merchants have to accept credit cards

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I recently paid a deposit to a self catering business by transfer to their email address.


In their confirmation email they said that if we wished to pay the balance by credit card we would have to phone them with our card details.


Could I not just transfer the the balance using my credit card details whioch are already set up in Paypal, or do some merchants not accept credit card payments from Paypal?


Thanks in advance for your help


Do all merchants have to accept credit cards


Hi classicnut,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum about this.


You are correct, you can certainly send a credit card payment through PayPal - using our system, your financial details will be fully protected, and you will also be covered by our Buyer Protection if anything goes wrong.


You can advise the seller of this, and that PayPal do recommend not providing your financial details to any third party.


Please let me know if you have any other questions at all 🙂


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