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1st time having an eCheque

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hi, i transfer money from my bank to my paypal all the time to pay for things from eBay,


but this time I did it, it has said it was pending and said  'a eCheque estimated completion: 15th April'  but i've never had this hapen to me before, it has always gone straight through, so why is it going to take an estimated 7days to clear? I don't fully understand


1st time having an eCheque


Hi heat_baller,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum, and sorry to hear about this.


It sounds like your payments have deferred to the eCheque method which can happen if our security system has triggered. When this happens, we don't see an exact reason as to why this could be occurring, but in general, we advise ensuring that your account is verified, and that the funding source you're using has been confirmed on your account.


For further help with this, I advise contacting Customer Support directly so we can take a closer look at what's causing this issue. You can find our contact details by clicking the 'Contact' option at the bottom of any page when logged in.

Thanks in advance

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