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Today, I just learned why it's a bad idea to be a seller and use Paypal. I have a hosting customer that has been with my company since 2009. In 2010, he decided to enter an automatic payment in his PayPal for the service. So every year, I receive the payment, renew his domain and account and all his fine and perfect. But this year, he decided to claim that the transaction was unauthorized. So Paypal froze MY account. So I used their own system to prove that it was indeed requested by him. This member never emailed his intentions. So I renewed everything, including a non-refundable domain name. Paypal sided with the customer stating their user aggreement. So in essence, any client can do the same thing and get out of any contract or purchased items and your stuck with the bills. Since my account was frozen, could not do any payments. So if this is the way they protect the people that are actually making their money, then I strongly suggest we all find a better third party processor, or go back to the old fashion way, cause there is no way this is right.

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AMEN>......................but who and where, with eBay and Paypal veing the same "family" unfortunenately were stuck with this ridiculous monopoly........

I wait now for 21 days for my money from them and yet have been w/o issues with them for almost 10 years

THEYN **bleep** big time now........

I just cannot figure what the **bleep** they are thinking they are killing their business..............


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