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Taking telephone payments using paypal here

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Re: Taking telephone payments using paypal here

Hi Lucy,


I clicked the link, bit it just sent me to the Paypal homepage

I own a small hotel in Chile and would like to charge clients over the phone or in the case of a no show.

I am British and my Paypal acount is registered in the UK

My lodge is and guests can already make deposits on the site via Paypal.






Re: Taking telephone payments using paypal here

I Have just received new card reader today, and i have tested the facility to take payment without cardholder present and it works totally fine. this is just using the paypalhere card reader.




Re: Taking telephone payments using paypal here


You say you just used the card reader....was that connected to the mobile application ? Thank you for any confirmation as there seems to be some confusion over what you can and can't do with non-present customers.


Money Donation

Thank you for your help  Smiley Wink

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Re: Taking telephone payments using paypal here

I'm unable to delete or add a checking or debit card to my account, or even close paypal until I confirm a bank account that is on file that no longer exist. It's because of security reasons. I have email numerous of times and also tried calling. I'm getting no help at all. I no longer can make my bill me later payments because the only number that I can find, isn't the correct number. Also, I have noticed that I will be charged a 3.4% interest when making payments over the phone, which may not seem like a lot, but it is when your payment is high because you can't friggen get any help in making the payment.


I don't understand why paypay isn't sending me emails/messages back when I have repeatly sent them emails/messages. Also, I don't understand why they don't have a 24hr auto system to make payments over the phone. Also, paypal bought out bill me later a while back, but up to a month and half ago, I was still able to use the bill me later website to make my payments to. Why now shut that site downafter eight years without giving customers payment options. I don't have a bill to see if it has an address to mail the payment to and I tried searching for it online. I can't find a phone number or an address.



I need help and don't know what to do.



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Re: Taking telephone payments using paypal here

Yes, PayPal is not very service centered.


And most of the time when you send in a query or a request you get a canned response - your question or request is simply not read or understood so you go around in circles and often can't find an answer to a problem.


VERY frustrating.


Myself I have an old PayPal account in the US tied to US banks I no longer use as I am now living in the UK.


A friend made a small payment into this account by mistake, thinking it was the right one and now I can't get that moved or sent back to my friend.


Round and round and round I've been. Why I haaven't opened a new account here in the UK, using my wife's - because dealing with PayPal issomethings like dealing with a rock!


A small glimmer of hope - one response was to open a new account in the UK, then CALL PayPal in the US and they MIGHT be able to then agree to transfer the money into the new account...


Not exactly helpful... 


Re: Taking telephone payments using paypal here



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Re: Taking telephone payments using paypal here

All answers here are correct. If your a large business and have many transactions per day it's worth paying the monthly fee and having the proper equipment to process absent card holder transactions. However if your a small business and you take only a few over the phone transaction a month then inputting the card number manually at the higher percentage rate is the way to go. Just inform the customer of the higher charge and push the cost to them. It's a whole $1.00 on a $100purchase.

Re: Taking telephone payments using paypal here

yes thats what I want.


My online sales are via paypal.

My stall sales are all cash.

Rarely I get asked to accept cards to which I just say therews a card ATM machine over there and a cash deal is then dealt with.

The loss of a waitring customer with cash while I deal with a card sale of a tenner is too time consuming fior the effort, so its not the cost as such.

For a forty pound sale yes its worth dealing with as long as they dont also ask for a discount on buying a number of books as well as the card fee!

The added benefit to us will be finally being able to offer a catalogue with an order page to accept card payments and not just cheques.

Just looking the same as many catalogues we get pushed at us in the post from all sorts, we can do similar, making for new sales who will not buy online.