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Selling a Macbook pro

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Hi, I'm about to sell a Macbook pro via Gumtree to a guy that lives interstate. However, I feel a bit suspicious regarding his intention, even because i've already received many fraud attempts in selling this laptop. He gave to me an address that I can't find online and the second one is a PO box. What should I do? What are the conditions that allow me to be protected by the PP seller protection? Is my MacBook an eligible good? Thanks for.the answers.

Selling a Macbook pro


Hi MrStraw11,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum about this.


This transaction does sound suspicious, particularly as you cannot find the address that the seller supplied online. In general, to be covered by Seller Protection, we advise ensuring that you ship your item with a delivery provider who can give a tracking number to you for the package, and only sending the item to a valid address. You can find more information about Seller Protection here:


If you have any other questions at all, please contact Customer Support directly.


Hope this helps 🙂


- Sophie

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