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Return URL & Postage Issues

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Hi everyone,



We're currently creating a website using Website Payments Stanard and have two main issues:


  1. Some of the items we are selling are one-off unique items that need to be removed once sold...we've tried setting up a return URL that includes the item(s) the customer adds to their basket...but there's no guarantee that the customer will return to the site or that they won't change the contents of their basket - so how can we gaurantee exactly what they buy and update that in our database?

  2. We charge a different price for postage based on where you live in the UK (as set out by UKMail), but when you try and customise the postage charges through your own account it only appears to let you specify a cost based on the amount spent (seperated by ranges)...I understand you can pass postage costs from your own website, but we'd still require address information to do that...which they'd be asked for again when they process their order on the Pay Pal site...unless we can process the address on our website and pass that to Pay Pal and then they don't need to enter that information twice?

I'm not sure whether  Website Payments Stanard can meet the above two requirements and if Website Payments Pro could? And even if it could, how much more that would cost to use for a small start up business?



Thanks for any help!

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