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Prohibition on certain Items

New Community Member

Prohibition on certain Items

Hi Guy's,


Does anyone know where I can get additional information on which products would be classed as ok and which one's wouldn't as I currently run an online adult toy shop. 


I have read the PayPal and brain tree terms and have come to the understanding that Brain-tree basically frowns on all of this type of business, So I am looking at running with a standard PayPal account however the wording of the terms and conditions have left so much room for scope it's unbelievable.


So I am basically after something or someone who could inspect each item in the store to say yes that would be ac that wouldn't as I equally do have a way from the admin side to prevent any prohibited item from being bought through the PayPal channel and alternate methods set-up for these payments.


I am just concerned as I do understand that if one of these items was to slip through the net that PayPal would just close my account and not allow payments to be made at all through this channel.


Thanks for any Ideas!.