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Postage not adding on

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I sell on my own website and use the paypal checkout.


A few orders have come through without the postage being added on yet others (for the exact same item) have come through fine.


We're tried to replicate the problem from here but can't complete the checkout without adding on the postage so I don't understand how it's happening.


They seem to be from unregistered people paying by card, but as I said, other people in the same situation have ordered correctly.

Has there been a glitch over the past week or so or is there a problem?




Postage not adding on


Were these orders to the USA or elsewhere outside Europe ? I hit this and it took ages to find the solution. For us it was a setting in our account. We had to login, go to Profile -> Settings -> My Selling Preferences -> Postage Calculations, and click the box for 'Allow transaction-based delivery settings to override profile settings' - this sorted out my problem.


I now have something similar where VAT isn't being correctly added on, but I can't find a setting for that 😕

Postage not adding on


I'm having the same problem here in the UK. I always check my website payments add up correctly when updating each mail order page, but just recently no postage is being added on. It used to show in the cart, but doesn't any more. Clicking the 'allow transaction-based.....' box does not appear to have corrected it.

Postage not adding on

New Community Member

I'm based in the UK too. Postage does not show up in a cart that I've set up for a client. I have three buttons, all set to use automatic postage calculation – postage definitely showed up until a few months ago but somewhere down the line this problem seems to have surfaced.


I've contacted PayPal Merchant Support this morning and am awaiting their response.


In the meantime my client's freaking out!

Postage not adding on


I am having the same problem with the postage/shipping not carrying through from my website (using woo commerce Version 2.6.13). 

Postage / shipping is fine on my website until the customer goes to PayPal to pay then the costs default to £0.00 enabling the customer to have free postage and me out of pocket.

Are there any known resolutions for this yet?

My PayPal account does not have shipping rules setup within it so I cannot understand the issue here?

Any help appreciated

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