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Hi all,


just had had a nasty experience after selling an item for £670 and the buyer issued a charge back. Below are the details of what happened.


1) after the transaction was made I called PayPal to make sure that they were happy with it (I do this as a matter of course for large transactions) and that it was ok for me to release the order, which they were as everything matched. 


2) after the charge back I called PayPal to see what was going on and provide proof of delivery to the correct address


3) as they were happy with everything I provided and put the money back into my account and told me that even if the buyers bank found in the buyers favour that PayPal would foot the bill, not me.


4) received an email today basically saying sc**w you mate, you're footing this bill not us and there's nothing you can do about it because you have a pro account. 


Naturally im a little gutted at this as it seems to me that even though I've done everything I should have, I lost out! 


It also appears that all the buyer needs to do is say that they didn't authorise the transaction and they get their money back and I have no chance of ever seeing my product again! 


Is there anything I can do here? 






Hi EG1977,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum and sorry to hear about this.


A chargeback happens when a buyer contacts their card issuer and asks them to reverse a payment they have sent. With any chargeback, the final decision is made by the buyer's credit card issuer, although we at PayPal do our best to prevent the reversal of any transaction.


If you were advised that the final decision was made to reverse the transaction, this unfortunately would not have been a decision made by PayPal, and would be irreversible. Chargebacks, while rare, are an unfortunate reality of doing business online, however we may cover you for cases like this under our Seller Protection policy. In order for us to review your coverage, I'd advise contacting Customer Support directly. You can also find more information about chargebacks here:




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