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Customise PayPal confirmation email receipt


Customise PayPal confirmation email receipt

Hi - I'm currently using Planyo - a booking system system that integrates with PayPal to take payments and manage bookings of a boat tour business.


The customer chooses a tour and pays a 25% deposit via PayPal. Once the payment has been sent, the user receives a confirmation email from the booking system detailing what they have booked how much they have paid and the remaining 75% balance. They also receive a receipt from PayPal detailing the amount they have paid but it does not include the total amount or the balance left to pay; just the amount paid so far.


The problem I'm having is that customers are taking the PayPal receipt along with them as proof of payment and as the PayPal email doesn't have the balance, it is not clear to the cashier at the tour company how much is left to pay. Therefore I would like to be able to cusomise the email to include the information that is also included on the original booking confirmation email. Any help, advice or a workaround would be appreciated. Thanks


Re: Customise PayPal confirmation email receipt

Hi stefanlesik, 


May I direct you to our PayPal developers website. There is a wealth of information on here and I feel you will find the answers on their that you are looking for. 


I hope this helps