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Continue Shopping button


Continue Shopping button

Hello, I don't want the 'Continue Shopping' button to be available on my paypal pages. Is there a way to either 'hide' it or 'disable' it please.


Frequent Advisor

Re: Continue Shopping button

The "Continue Shopping" button is only displayed on the PayPal Checkout Screens and is only used with Add to Cart item button code. 


In order not to have this button displayed, you would need to use Buy Now type item buttons or develop your own mini-cart or use a 3rd party shopping cart.  Mini-Carts and many 3rd party shopping carts use the "upload" method to pass the ends results to the PayPal Checkout Screens.


If you want to see an example of a mini-cart, here's one:


Here's another:


And one more:



Another option is to use Payments Pro.  With Pro, you control the Checkout process.  The customer never leaves your web site or is redirected to the PayPal Checkout Screens.