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buyer won't release his/her item from customs

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i'm international seller on eBay
most of my buyer excellent
i just sold any item shipped it using DHL express it reaches the buyer's country in 2 days after its been in customs for almost a month today
i gave my buyer all information he needs tracking number dhl number his countrys customs number
shipping company that handled his account called dhl in his country found out what he needs to do to get item released even i got the fee amount he should pay to his own customs
i only get from him messages demands me to release the item unreasonable demands i can not do anything i'm in another country and he is from another one
i got a call from dhl telling if no one will release this item we will destroy it !!
i send me a message i told you have to do it quickly because item limit in storage customs is past due


the next i know he open a case against me for full refund !!!!
i keep him updated about everything and still asking and i'm sure he will open a claim on paypal item not received and demands hi money but the item is about to be destroyed by customs or i have to option to give DHL 168$ to ship it back and endure customs also in my own country to get it back

what is my next move ?


buyer won't release his/her item from customs


Hi silentdream,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum and sorry to hear about this.


In general, if a buyer does not pick up an item from customs and then files a buyer dispute case, it should not be found in their favour. However, as we do review all claims on a case by case basis, I would definitely advise contacting Customer Support directly so we can see what further steps we can take, as we would need to review the specific details in this situation.


You can find our contact details by clicking the 'Contact' option at the bottom of any page when logged in.

Thanks for understanding


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