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Why won't paypal accept my Debit Card

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 In the 'Wallet' bit I can't add a card, they askk me to add another one, but they won't accept that either.


Then I go to 'validate your Account Information'.  I click 'Reslove'.  I click on Confirm location.  Then I've tried adding both my card and it says 'We were unable to process your credit card registration at this time. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date.


I've been trying to sort this out for hours.  Someone's trying to make a payment but they can't...I' guessing because of this.

Could someone help?


Why won't paypal accept my Debit Card


Hi Gweni17,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum and sorry to hear about this.


It sounds like the bank who issued your card may be declining its use on our system. When this happens, we advise contacting your bank directly to ensure that the card has been activated for use on our system. Once you have done this please try adding your card again.


I hope this helps!


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