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Welcome to the PayPal community *Read this first*


Welcome to the PayPal community *Read this first*

Welcome to the UK community help boards on Let’s Talk. Have a question about how to use PayPal on eBay? Member to member help is a great way to learn the ins and outs of PayPal from the experts!


If you are looking for specific advice on eBay, there is a forum that specializes on everything eBay in the UK: This is the best place to get the advice that you need.


You may find these help resources may be able to answer some of your questions:


If you have a question to ask, first search the forums as there may already be an answer there. If it’s not, the best option is to start your own discussion. That way people will see your question and offer answers.


Before you post, please make sure you read and familiarise yourself with Let’s Talk terms and conditions.


Is this the right board for your discussion? Click here for a list of PayPal UK Community discussion boards.


Thanks for reading and welcome to our community!