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Sent instant payment, didn't win eBay item, but my payment still sent ?!?

Hi, I recently made a purchase on ebay for an item. The item was a buy it now auction and the seller required immediate payment. I rushed through the checkout and clicked the final make payment button and all of a sudden an error page came up from Paypal saying the transaction could not be completed.

I left it at that and moved on, however later, the money has been debited from my bank via Paypal (I used instant transfer). Ebay has no record of me purchasing the item, but Paypal does and has charged me for it and perhaps sent the seller the money.

I contacted the seller to ask them whether or not this was the case, but am getting no response from them. Please can I have some help! Ebay has no record of the transaction in the resolution centre!


Help please! Thanks. 

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Re: Sent instant payment, didn't win eBay item, but my payment still sent ?!?

Hey there fxtfabs,


If you aren’t having any luck with the recipient in an appropriate timeframe I would advise opening a buyer dispute against the payment.


If you then receive the item you can cancel the dispute. You have 45 days to open a dispute through PayPal so you can afford a bit of time for the seller to respond.

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