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PayPal community Q&A


PayPal community Q&A

Q:         What’s the PayPal Community Help Forum?


A:         It’s a place where PayPal users can ask questions, share experiences, and discover new ideas about topics related to PayPal.  Whether you’re new to PayPal or a seasoned member, you’ll find useful information on a wide range of topics.


Q:         Where do I find the PayPal Community Help Forum?


A:         You can find the PayPal Community Help Forum here on Let’s Talk. Or, click Ask the Community on the Contact Us page. Though you can freely read the forum threads here, if you want to add your comments or share your ideas, you’ll need to log in using your PayPal email address and password.


Q:         How do I log in to PayPal Community Help?


A:         Go to the UK community on Let’s Talk ( Click on the log in/register  link on the right hand side of the page and log in using your PayPal email address and password.  If you are new to the UK community, you will need to create a profile before you start posting after you log in.


Q:         How do I start a new discussion topic?


A:       If you can’t find the answer to your question after searching UK Community, it’s easy to start a new topic - just click “Post a topic” on the home page and complete the form.


Q:         How do I find a topic?


A:         On any the UK Community pages, just enter your search information in the box at the top of the page and click Search.


Q:         How do I reply to a topic?


A:         Click on the subject of the topic you’re interested in and you can reply to . You’ll find topics with no replies as well as hot topics. Click “Reply to topic” under the post on the topic you’d like to reply to.  You can then add your post to the discussion. 

To see topics with no replies or hot tops, click Contribute under My Settings. You can also respond by clicking any link under “Most active” discussions.


Q:         What do I do if I see a topic that’s incorrect or inappropriate?


A:         We actively review the forum, but we also appreciate feedback from members.  You can click on “More Options” under the post and choose “Report Inappropriate Content” to let us know.


Q:         How can I help if I know the answer to a question posed by another member?


A:         Our community is all about sharing information with each other.  Please do answer questions to help other members.  Just make sure you don’t ask for or provide account information.


Q:         What information should I share in my post if my question is specifically about my PayPal account?


A:         Don’t share account details like passwords, bank account information, and credit card information on the forum.  A PayPal representative will follow up with you if they need more information to answer your question. (They’ll contact you at the email address or phone number associated with your PayPal account, so you don’t need to provide your contact information.)


Q:         Are there PayPal employees on the forum?


A:         Yes, you’ll find PayPal employees on the forum.  PayPal employees are identified by the PayPal logo next to their user IDs.


Q          What are the policies for interacting on the forums?


A:         You can read the details in the Let’s Talk terms & conditions


Q:         Why was my post deleted or moderated, or why was I suspended?


A:         We actively review the forum and remove posts that are against Let’s Talk PayPal policies. Depending on the circumstances, we may suspend users for violating the policies. Make sure you read through them carefully so you know what you can and can’t post about. Read them on