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Ebay transactions/pending balance

New Community Member

Ebay transactions/pending balance


Payments from ebay are not appearing on my paypal account. Ive had the same address for years. It used to show up in a pending balance but now i dont have one. I have money currently on my balance, but cant see any of my pending transactions.

Has something changed recently between ebay and paypal? I just dont understand. Its getting me negative feedback because i have to cancel orders or ask people for payment when they advise they already paid

If anyone has had anything similar please advise

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Ebay transactions/pending balance



Go and find the transaction in your “my ebay” > click to the right where it says sell similar > don't fill in anything just scroll down to the payments section > look in the paypal box > is the email addy in there correct with no spelling mistakes? If so then it would have been wrong on your finished auctions so come back for more advice.