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Debyshire warehouse have liquidated my parcel!

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I sold an item on ebay and included carriage only within the UK..  The address for the buyer was in Derbyshire.  Had i known it was a holding/shipping warehouse for ebay who were sending the parcel onto France I would not have sent, escpecially with what has since happened,


I sold a genuine designer light fitting which retails at £1200 at auction which sold for £425 including UK postage with insurance

I recieved immediate payment through paypal and shipped the item within a couple of days to a Derbyshire address,


The parcel was recieved and within 5 days I recieved an email from ebay saying the parcel 'exceeded the allowed limit' but I did not have to do anything, the buyer would be informed,


I contacted Ebay as I did not understand and they were not aware of any such email.


4 days later the buyer is contacting me and I forwarded the tracking information. 


A further 4 days later the buyer was refunded through Paypal and the parcel was not returned to me,


I contacted Ebay who informed me to contact Paypal as to why the buyer was refunded,


I still have no parcel as I tracked it was signed for at destination in Derbyshire.


I finally recieved an email from ebay stating that the parcel 'exceeded the weight restrictions for the global shipping program' and that they have been in touch with the freight company who have since liquidated the item. Under the rules when this happens Ebay are allowed to keep the item.  I was then told to have a nice day.....


What Global shipping program??   I sold to a buyer in the UK,  I checked the app on my phone for the sale of the item and it clearly states shipping UK only,  I then went on my PC and it did also show below this a list of countries I would ship the item too


I feel the whole selling experience on ebay is a total waste of time, ebay also took the selling fees on top of all of this.


Where did a user agree to sell via a global shipping program when the buyers shipping address is in the UK????

Ebay should change the way they opperate the selling prodecures and ensure this is clear.


To me it looks like the item was attractive to the receiver in Derbyshire, the parcel was the exact stated size and weight as listed.


Very upset at the way this was handled, I am now without payment and cannot relist the item as it has simply disappeared into thin air.....



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