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Twice, eBay seller fees charged. I'm not selling on eBay.


Twice, eBay seller fees charged. I'm not selling on eBay.



last month, I woke up to a pretty awesome ( insert sarcasm here ) email about a receipt to a 134$ pre-authorized payment to eBay seller fees. I do not sell on eBay.


I opened a claim, 10 days later, I got my money back. Never really knew what happened.


I called eBay, they said they had no idea where this charge came from. Same explanation from paypal.


I went to eBay, noticed I had a pre-authorized credit card set up... I doubt this caused the problem, but I removed it anyway.


Now yesterday, about 1 month later, I woke up to the same aweome email. But this time, a 499$ charge to my credit card (  that's half of my credit limit ! ) to eBay seller fees AGAIN. I changed password multiple times. 


Now I opened a claim, again, hoping it will be resolved.


Paypal and eBay customer support aren't helping. I feel like my only way out of this is once the claim is over and I ( hopefully ) get my money back to close both my paypal and eBay account.


Anyone else ever had this problem ? Any other possible solutions than just closing both accounts ?


Thanks for reading.


Re: Twice, eBay seller fees charged. I'm not selling on eBay.

Well this is just awesome.


Paypal customer service says they can't do anything but wait until the claim is over.


eBay customer service say the charge did not come from them and I have to resolve this with paypal, which if I'm not mistaken is the same company ?...


Now Paypal forums have no clue / don't care.


What am I supposed to do ?


Thanks anyway to anyone who at least took the time to read my post.

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Re: Twice, eBay seller fees charged. I'm not selling on eBay.

eBay and paypal is a joke, it just has such a big foot hold that most peple come to ebay for acutions, and have to learn to try other sites, as a seller ebay dings me with 2 charges now you have to use paypal to recieve payments and connect your ebay/paypal acount. So they charge you for selling the item then you get charged for recieving your money. When you are only selling house hold things once in a while and sell a item for 500 bucks likr 65 dollars is in fees how can anyone but large china and over sea companys even make money is up to me, and these large china companys that do so much business selling dollar items get large cuts in fees when ebay doesnt give the normal person a break.


 Also it is so hard to actually get a responce from eBay or PayPal beside some generic email they send suspose to explain every case when each case is different, my whole family and friends went through it all when trying to get help with a problem, they have these systems where someone revioews it and then acts in someones favor and you get a generic responce with  no reason for the decision made...


 On top of that when you buy something and someone sends you a piece of junk you get charged with no money back.


I sold my DSLR for $460, at the time there was a strike with the mail soon as it was over item was sent out last email with the buyer was if you do not recieve your item by the end of the week let me know and I will look into it.

1 1/2 months later thats after the strike and my item arrived I get a charge back stating the buyer did not get there item, or it was not as described and I got nothing back  and they put my account in the minus so im out my camera which i loved but had to sell at the time and have a minus, I did not even know this happened until I recieved a email stating in may it was ruled in the buyers favor when It was now end july I recieve the first email about this and the account goes into the minus the time peroid to actually dispute the transaction was up so nothing I could do, no ntice of this before or my account was minused.

 Have a $500 minus ebay account and a lost of my favorte camara that had to sell due to needing to fix my car, now I will have my credit runied because 3 months after the fact somehow I am suspose to have my reciept for shipping I called canada post and theres nothing they can do without my reciept which I threw out/maybe lost after the transaction was over. Why does a buyer wait 3 months to make a dispute and get their money put me in the Whole and wreck my credit.

  We need a new Auction site like ebay but treats their customers fair and let the large companys selling do what ever they want and people need to start using new sites to really hurt ebay and maybe they will become more fair, aslo they take out yo cannot leave bad feedback for a buyer even though they wrip you off.. when they took that out  was just silly.

 Start using other Auction and paying sites and hurt ebay and maybe they will start taking the buyers and sellers that sell once in a blue moon in to consideration because the buyers is who makes ebay money.


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Re: Twice, eBay seller fees charged. I'm not selling on eBay.

ebay owns both companys and they do what they want, you need to get paypal to put a block from ebay from actually taking any money out of your account.