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A few days ago I received an email from "Paypal" informing me that my credit card had been cancelled as of March 1 due to having expired (which it has not.)   Ordinarily I'd junk such an email immediately but what has me questioning are a) The email is addressed to my full and proper name, not generic, and b) the originating address is from a legit-looking paypal address , c) the links resolve to a legit paypal domain.


So, legit or phish?


Thanks for any assistance.

New Community Member

Re: Phish?

I got the same email.  It said my card had been removed and I would have to put the numbers back in.  There was no way to contact the writer of the email so that will be the end of it.  If I have to pay for something by Pay Pal I will reinstate then if I have to.