My pay pal account was stolen, I was scammed for being very innocent


Recently I received a payment for $ 20, I wanted to exchange the money for my local currency with someone who promised to do it online.

It turns out that I transferred the money and he never paid me, he told me that it was my PayPal account that was not verified and that if I gave him the password he would solve the problem immediately.

I was very stupid and gave it to him.

The good thing is that I barely had a few cents in the account and I think I don't have any affiliated cards.

Even so, I want you to close your account or help me with something for my peace of mind.

Help me please.

The scammer is called on Instagram as

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Hey there, Why don't you try resetting your passwords. Click on forgot my password it'll give you some alternative options to select and do that. If still not recovered, I'd recommend to contact customer service at the earliest. Thanks Geek Research
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