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Is this Paypal research email legit?

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Is this Paypal research email legit?



I received an email from "PayPal" addressed to me (first and last name), asking that I go to *removed* and participate in a research thing, with a chance to win $1000. I am suspicious. I downloaded and installed Iconix (using gmail mail client) but it doesn't work (even with it's own "verify your installation" email).


The web address is clearly, but lots of companies use secondary web addresses for user surveys. I am not clicking any links or opening the website until I get more info. I've Googled the address, but it's unclear whether it's a scam, just from the Google results.


So, is this PayPal research emai legit?


Re: Is this Paypal research email legit?

Hi Sue_M123,


I'm glad that you are cautious about email links like this. Thank you for checking! 🙂


I can confirm that is a PayPal owned website and is used for surveys.  If you ever receive an fake email or you're not sure if an email is fake, please forward it to


- Frank

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