since when is 35 years old "an underage" or India "a country where we don't accept customers yet"?

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Most recent email from Paypal says the following: 

Based on the information we have today, it looks like this account was created by an underage person or by a resident of a country where we don't accept customers yet.

I am 35 years of age and an Indian resident. My Company Kweesha Solutions Pvt Ltd, is one of few companies i own. 

i created a paypal account, took a tiny payment for $2500, which was for the sole purpose of getting the account started. uploaded my business service contract with the buyer, all the valid documents that are required, including an email from the buyer to paypal was sent (as we are connected to the buyer from past 6-7 years, where the buyer mentioned that its an ongoing thing and will keep going on for the foreseeable future. 

During the process of the account creation to account verification, and for funds beign on hold, i contacted customer service, which is a mess. 

The email from Devender said the folowing: 
We have tried reaching you but unfortunately not connect hence you have called back again on the same toll number but the number from which you have called i[Removed. Phone #s not permitted] on Feb 7 2024 at 17.57pm as per our audit incoming call records.
Clearly the number mentioned can be called and checked as the number to paypal office reception. the support executive Devender on the call mentioned that when they spoke to the person on the listed number (+[Removed. Phone #s not permitted] the person said to have nothing to do with my account and asked to not ever call again and other things along with it. 
I raised a big concern for the security if my data and demanded the call recording, which he mentioned can not provide without legal interference. 
Moving on, when i told him the number he spoke to is a paypal reception number, he apologised for lying and said that it would not happen again. 
Yet, keeping such intentions towards my account, i asked him for the details to send the legal notice, so as to be on the safer side for the future, and the email for the notice is below.

Dear Devendar and the PayPal Support Escalation Team,
I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my grave concern and distress regarding a serious breach of my privacy and financial security that has come to my attention. It has been brought to my notice that PayPal has erroneously shared my financial data with an unauthorised third party, under the guise of a technical mishap involving an incorrect phone number.

According to your email dated Feb 9th 2024, it was mentioned that a call was made to my account from the numbe[Removed. Phone #s not permitted] which you claim is registered  or linkedto my PayPal account. This is categorically incorrect. I have never authorised, added, or consented to this number being associated with my PayPal account. I have concrete evidence from my service provider's call log proving that my actual number is +##-##########, and at no time did I make or receive a call from or to the number you have listed.

Furthermore, upon contacting the mentioned numbe[Removed. Phone #s not permitted], I discovered it is, in fact, a PayPal number, leading to more confusion and concern about the internal handling and security of customer information. The response received during this call was not only unsatisfactory but also indicative of a severe lapse in protocol regarding customer financial information.

The inadvertent sharing of my financial information with an unauthorised number constitutes a blatant disregard for my privacy and a breach of PayPal's commitment to safeguarding customer data. This incident has not only caused me undue stress but has also exposed me to potential financial fraud and loss.

Given the severity of this issue, I am compelled to consider legal action to ensure such a breach does not occur again and to seek reparation for the negligence displayed by PayPal. Before taking this step, I would like to afford PayPal the opportunity to rectify this situation.

I demand the following immediate actions:

#.   A thorough investigation into how my financial data was compromised and shared with an unauthorised number.
#.   Immediate correction of the phone number associated with my PayPal account to ##########.
#.   call recordings of all calls made to&nbs[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]and my account (incoming or outgoing)
#.   Assurance and proof of measures taken to prevent such an incident from recurring.
#.   Appropriate compensation for the stress and potential risk this incident has caused.
#.   Please treat this matter with the utmost urgency. I expect a detailed response to my concerns within # business days, failing which I will have no option but to proceed with legal consultations and a lawsuit. P.S. A lawsuit filed will be more than INR ## lakh as compensation.

I trust PayPal values its customers and will take immediate steps to resolve this issue satisfactorily.

Dear help community, please let me know if you feel i should add inequality and mistreatment  to my legal notice based upon the above shared information. 

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