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resolving account limitation concerns

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Apologies for a vague title and if these questions have been asked before


Several years ago my account changed to French. When I then logged on to it, it had several new addresses registered to it across the UK and one in Quebec!! I assume from this it had been hacked?! Thankfully my debit card registered to the account had expired. I tried speaking to customer services on the phone which proved near on impossible and I ended up none the wiser and no better off.

After that failure I deleted all the addresses, changed my password and deleted my card details from the account. I then tried to close the account, which I wasn’t allowed to do as it was requiring me to upload photo i.d. or proof of my address etc, all of which I didn’t feel comfortable doing considering what had happened.


My concerns are that it doesn’t feel particularly safe to be uploading personal information such as photo i.d. or copies of household bills online. Especially when all I want to do is close my account.

I also don’t want to remove the limitations on my account to suddenly discover there is an outstanding debt owed that as been built up by someone else. Although the dashboard is displaying my account balance is £0.00 currently.


Essentially to resolve this I just want to be able to close my account, so that I can start again, safe in the knowledge my money, data and Identity are all safe.


Thanks in Advance for any help!!


resolving account limitation concerns


Hello @CBrammer,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand you are concerned about closing an account. I know this can be very frustrating. If you wish to close the account, the limitation on the account is required to be removed before any account or profile changes can be made. If you're worried about account activity, you can contact Customer Support directly for more in-depth assistance. 


You can reach Customer Support by clicking Contact and then Message Us (when available) at the bottom of the PayPal website. They're also available through Twitter direct message or Facebook instant message.  

Message Us

Direct Message

Instant Message


I hope this helps!

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