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payment made that i didn’t do

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I have just seen a number of payments requesting money from my bank account and it has now put me made me massively over drawn on my account i have changed my password and changed my security questions i just need to know if i can get my money back and if i can settle my over drawn account that i didn’t cause please help

payment made that i didn’t do

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Reach out to customer service.


  2. Click Password and account access.
  3. ClickReport unauthorised access or unknown charges.
  4. Click Call Us after “This information might help” box.


They will check IP addresses/devices, your account history, receipt account history, etc.
If they do not find account breach then it could be from unwittingly providing account info to fake PayPal or other websites and emails, phishing emails or malware in your devices.


How do I spot and report a fake, fraudulent, or phishing PayPal email or website?



Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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