i got scammed by g2a they sold me a product different then described + illegal product


Hi, i got scammed by g2a, i went to buy a game "key" and instead of getting a key they had a button that said click to get a key and instead of a key i got a link that sends you to a website to get an illegal account from steam. 

i tried to open a case after they didn't agreed to take the product "back" (the product is a link!!!!! not a key to a game!
and they charged me from something different then described, i opened a case in paypal explaining everything and escalate the issue . 
they closed the case with the headline that "i got the product" when i open the case i said the product wasn't describe to be like that. 
but what now? there is no way to appeal i tried! 
there is no way to send a message or tell them to look at what i wrote, and i don't think they did any investigation cause i explained a lot with pictures and they didn't even looked at it or respond to it. 

what can i do? is my money gone forever? i want the scamming sellers to take the link back and get my money but paypal won't help, i wish that PayPal help cause if they won't i wished i would have chose different pay transaction from a different place so i could appeal and receive a  real customer support...... 

anyone else has ever reopen a case and paypal listen to them? how can i fight a close case that i was scammed image_2023-09-15_124853120.png

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Paypal does not cover ''item received but not as described'' disputes for virtual / digital items.

If you funded your paypal payment via a credit card then see if your card issuer will chargeback for you? 

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