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goods arrive after refund

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I bought an item in December, should have been given a tracking number but nothing came and no goods arrived. Looked on the facebook page of the company, it was full of complaints of it being a scam. I waited till 1st Jan, I messages the seller several times but no response. The payment had been made to an individual, not the company I thought I was dealing with so I requested a refund which was paid immediately via paypal. 2 days later I got a weird message asking me to click on a link for my tracking number. I didnt because by now I have decided its a scam. No, today the item arrives, poor quality but its here. What do I do? Also supposedly made in France but looks like came from China


goods arrive after refund

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If you are happy with the item then contact the seller and ask them to send you a money request so you can pay again.

If you don't want it then again contact the seller and offer them their goods back if they send you the postage costs to do so.

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