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fnf refund

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Hello,so a few weeks ago (approximately 14 days or more) I sold an account to a person online and they sent me the money through PayPal fnf which I thought was not refundable.But the same day they refunded the money now my PayPal balance is negative and I don’t have the money to refund it and it doesn’t show on PayPal either,what should I do ? Can I get in trouble for this ? And I’ve looked everywhere for a place to be able to contact paypal so I can explain the situation but I can’t found any

fnf refund

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The only way fnf is refundable is if sender (or real PayPal account owner) files unauthorized activity dispute through PayPal or a chargeback outside of PayPal from sender’s card issuer or bank. Fnf doesn’t 100% protect you from everything. PayPal not going to help you since you sold something with fnf. Send an PayPal invoice next time or refund the fnf payment and insist on goods and service payment on sales. Scammers can prey on the fact that there is no PayPal buyer protection on fnf to give recipients a false sense of security but knowing they can get you on the chargeback.


Many accounts don’t give you right to sell or to transfer the account. Should really read the terms of service of the accounts you’re selling, too.


You’re going to have to add money to your PayPal account or any future payments will go towards zeroing the negative balance. If you do not, your account could get suspended and the debt sold to debt collector.

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