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You can't use PayPal anymore

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Hello Peeps,


I am amazed to see how bad is PayPal's AI system. I was signing up my business PayPal account and during signup (not even completed the signup process) I got an email with title, You can no longer do business with PayPal (Ref ID - PP-L-XXXXXXXXXXXX). When I completed all details I even got emails congratulating me with following subjects You have successfully lifted your PayPal withdrawal limit & Your PayPal account has now been verified. I have already provided my ITIN as well as Photo ID. But I still can see You can't use PayPal in resolution center. Upon calling the PayPal they told me their compliance department did that. Now my question is, which compliance department is checking in real time (even user still not completed the signup process) and place limitations on account permanently. Anyone can guide me little bit in this regard?





You can't use PayPal anymore


Hello @xpresserversllc,


Welcome to PayPal Community! I understand that you are having issues with a permanent limitation being placed on your account. Usually, this is decided by a number of factors that may trigger our security system that could lead to this outcome. You can find more information here:


Why is my PayPal account limited?


If your account remains limited, then any new accounts will become limited as well. We do a thorough investigation before making this type of decision, so it is a permanent decision that will not be overturned. Our sincere apologies for any difficulty this may cause for you.

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