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wth paypal is bad, so basically i bought an acc without knowing that u cant buy accounts first.  so the account got limited, But they said theyll gonna refund me if i text them in this account. since its not limited, but after few days, this account got limited too when i did nothing. like wtf? theres no money in this account aswell so wtf are these people doing. Smh. I literally lost 12 dollars. and all i ask is a 10 usd voucher, wtf? i didnt even use this account then i got limited too, i got perm limited.  😐 ( Notes : I Know its my fault for buying an acc, but i didnt know. and that account is cracked by the seller so he wouldnt wanna resolve it. so it leaded to perm limited, but i also did nothing on this account, i didnt give my pass or anything. Just got limited, How do you fix this **bleep**? )

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