Why I can't withdraw my money

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My account suddenly became "permanently limited". There are no disputes or issues with money.

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This is a very common problem, but unfortunately there's really no way to fix it. You can try to make a case, but once PayPal locks an account, it stays locked even if it turns out that they made a mistake. If you're lucky, they'll let you take the money out after 180 days. If they still don't allow you to withdraw the money (which is not uncommon), you'll have to work through arbitration to get it out.

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Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting PayPal's Community Forum. Thank you @LastLurker for taking the time to reply on this thread. I'd like to step in and a bit more context to limitations and how they may occur. 


@Onoruoyiza, I'm sorry to hear your account has been permanently limited. I can understand how concerning this must be. PayPal may place a limitation on an account when they need to verify activity or collect information necessary to keep an account open. Steps to resolve a limitation can usually be found in the Resolution Center.


However, if there are no steps listed there, or you've been advised your account has been permanently limited, it's normally due to some kind of violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. When a limitation is placed, an email is sent detailing any reasons or information available. Beyond that, PayPal's normally unable to discuss other details regarding the placement.


You're welcome to reach out to our Customer Support teams to double-check the details and information you've received. But it is true that normally these type of situations are unable to be reversed. 


My apologies for any inconvenience this may present, 


 - Jon K

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