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Where can I leave a review?

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Paypals customer service sucks!! The email i sent a LOT of money to was supposed to be a dash instead of a period and the money sent to the wrong person and PayPal said there was NO WAY I could get my money back unless the person graciously gave it back to me. **bleep**!! Nobody is going to just hand over $1,000. Reached out to the guy AND sent a money request with note and still haven't heard anything. Filed a dispute and paypal denied it because apparently the ONLY issue you can report is fraud. Useless. Even the customer service rep said that it happens all the time and they do nothing about it. I hate PayPal and won't use them again. How about give other verification means so that if one digit is off on an email, phone number, etc you don't have this issue? Literally whatever you type in is where it sends. No way of verifying the recipient if you fat finger accidentally. Do better Paypal.


Where can I leave a review?

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If you sent the funds using the friends/family option (which it sounds like if the unauthorised dispute option was the only one available) then sadly nothing paypal can do about it as you sent a 'gift' of money to someone and so had no Paypal buyer protection.


You could try contacting your credit card issuer if you funded your paypal payment that way but be warned its unlikely they will help you either as it was not a purchase for goods or services.

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