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Unauthorised Automatic Payment from an unknown company

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Could you please provide the email address

Unauthorised Automatic Payment from an unknown company

I am seeing multiple people recently stating the same issue. I have. Reoccurring bill from VPN mobapps limited but when you email them it goes to fashion gurus. The only fashion app I had was Lumi. Which shows up on apple pay as $0.00 charges. I also emailed them to cancel my subscription. While back. I’ve emailed both Lumi and fashion did not respond. I believe this could be a scam as I also recently noticed last month my password for my Apple ID was chAnged which I don’t remember doing

Unauthorised Automatic Payment from an unknown company


I have the same issue. I payed 0.99 for some fahison guide on May 18, and on May 21 they already charged me 69.99. I made a number of purchases back then and paid for a number of services, so I just thought it was another payment for something that I really bought. Same with the payment on August 19. Overlooked it among all other payments. However, this month I did not buy anything, so I got really surprised to see that automatic payment in November. I cancelled it immediately, unsubscribed, and wrote that Fashion Guru an angry email.

So, the November payement, cancelled on the same day it was automatically taken from my account, has already been refunded, as well as the August payment. As for the May payment, when I wrote that I am expecting that to be refunded as well, they replied: Please be informed that your request has been passed over to the appropriate team. Rest assured, they will check everything and get back to you with the most suitable solution.

I am sure this is some scam scheme, and I am really surprized PayPal does nothing about it.

Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated and we deeply apologize for any inconvenience this situation is causing you.

Unauthorised Automatic Payment from an unknown company



Thank you for the comment and can you share email? 

I have the same situtatuion but cannot find where to write

Unauthorised Automatic Payment from an unknown company


Hello @erin-berardi and @yumadina,


Thank you for visiting our community forum!


I certainly understand how concerning this can be for you. You can find the details of the merchant in the original email receipt received when you made your purchase, and in the transaction details of your payment, located in your account Activity. You can also contact us by clicking the contact us option at the bottom of PayPal page or send us a message through our Twitter(@AskPayPal) and Facebook page for additional assistance.


I hope this information helps!


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