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Tracing suspicious Paypal transaction in my Credit Card statement

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I am seeing a suspicious Paypal transaction in my Credit Card statement. I have not received any Payment notification from Paypal either in my email linked to Paypal. How to trace the merchant or entity to whom this payment has gone ? In my credit card statement it is showing as PAYPAL *CEO CLUBS NNNNNNNNNN LUX. This transaction has elapsed more than 180 days and I don't see this transaction in my Paypal activity history. Whom should I contact in Paypal to trace this transaction further?


Tracing suspicious Paypal transaction in my Credit Card statement


Hi @_skay,


Welcome to the community and thank you for your post. 


I do understand your concern with this. If you cannot see the transaction on your PayPal Activity, this would mean the transaction happened outside your PayPal account. For example, your card may have been used on a PayPal card read instore, or entered online using a guest checkout. 


As you have mentioned the 180 days have passed, I would suggest you contact your card issuer to enquire about this transaction. They will be able to provide you with further details. If you think the transaction may be unauthorized, they will be able to dispute this for you. They can then contact us directly for any further details. 


I hope you get this sorted!

- Rachel 

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