Strange transaction to my account

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Hello, today i got a notification from a stranger possibly scammer according to his email that he gave to my paypal 5€. Then i checked and the 5€ were really added to my paypal balance. I want to ask what to do in this case should i press the button to return the money and is it safe? For start i removed my card and changed the address but i want to know what is the scammer's purpose for this? Also it isn't possible to report the transaction to the help center because it finds it as transaction of friends. Thank you
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If someone makes a typo/spelling error with an email address or phone number then the funds would accidentally go to the wrong account.

So personally if it was a friends/family transaction then I would click on it and hit the 'refund' option to send the funds

back again? 

Check on that details page that you were not charged a fee which is unlikely as it was friends/family but if you were then send a part refund minus the fee element as the mistake was not of your making.

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