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Shixi Network Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Same here!

Shixi Network Technology Co.,Ltd.

Hi I ordered a juice maker worth 41€ and now I receive the item after 2 months with the wrong product a plastic juice quizer that only worth 3€ each what the hell where’s my product pls?

Shixi Network Technology Co.,Ltd.


Hi, CKolassa, 


We are incredibly sorry that you never received the item that you paid for. 


In these types of situations, we would encourage customers to wait 3-4 weeks for an item depending on where it's coming from. In your case, 4 weeks is enough time to wait for an item. 


You should have reported this transaction and opened a claim last year for an item not received. I'm afraid that since it has been more than 180 days, we cannot investigate this transaction. 



Shixi Network Technology Co.,Ltd.


Hey PayPal_Tommy 

You know exactly what this company is doing and can see how many complaints are on this thread, who knows how many never report it or post to this community. PayPal KNOWS what Shixi Networks is up to and how they scam every customer they have and you do nothing about it. EVERY person lost their money using PayPal and like me thought they were protected from fraud. NOPE. How  much has PayPal made from all the fraudulent transactions that you refuse to refund?? 


Your reply is just a sugar coated corporate response with excuses and blaming the customer for not acting sooner. Shame on you


PayPal is not what it used to be and this abuse of customers proves that. 

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