Seller has ghosted me

I ordered an item ($260 via PayPal) from Artsabers over a week ago with almost no communication from the vendor. In that time I have gotten 2 responses via the TikTok app, one saying they got my request for a basic change (blade length was incorrectly chosen) and the other saying they'll get back to me next day with more info (Spoiler alert: they didn't) and this was after trying to contact them the entire week (daily) via email, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Their reputation isn't great (I didn't know this ahead of time) and they are known to be hit-or-miss, and I get the feeling I'm not going to see my item at all. The only reason I chose to buy from them is because the item I wanted they had listed was in stock. I can't get a refund directly if the seller continues to ignore me, and there is no clear path to take within PayPals app or site that I can see when dealing with a seller that just ghosts a customer. I've been documenting the entire ordeal which is being updated daily here: They continue to send me automated emails promoting their products (which are out of date by 9 months), they keep uploading videos to YouTube and TikTok almost daily, but are blatantly choosing to not respond to my basic inquiries, even after I can see they have read my messages to them. I want my $260 back from a vendor that has ghosted me.
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