Seller claims they didn't receive payment, Paypal says they did.

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Hi everyone. I have a kind of strange situation. I bought some things from a company and sent them back for a refund as described to their site. The refund never came  (they told me every time to keep waiting) so I made a claim to PayPal. The found in the seller's favor because they sent the correct products, end of story. The seller then started saying they couldn't send me the refund because PayPal had "charged back" the money because of the dispute. PayPal now says that they've given the seller back the money, but the seller says they haven't received it. I don't know what to do now, and customer service on both sides are not helping at all. 


Any ideas on how to get my money back? Thanks in advance!

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I see you're  looking to get a refund for the item you've returned to the seller. When a dispute is opened, seller can issue partial or full refund to close the dispute. if the dispute is closed in seller's favor, the funds would be released back to the seller. In this case, I would recommend you to contact the team to appeal the claim for not receiving the refund by providing more details about returning the item with return shipping information. You can find the contact options to reach the team here : How do I contact PayPal customer service?


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