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Be careful folks. I just got a charge if $304 come through on my credit card from Wayfair. Never heard of them. I have no idea how they got hold of my credit card details.



Hello @Cyrenne

Thanks for joining the PayPal Community! 

I'm sorry to hear about the unauthorized charge on your credit card. If the charge shows on your PayPal account, you can report it by following the steps on our Help Center here: How do I report an unauthorized transaction or account activity? I also recommend resetting your password and setting up 2-Step Verification. If the charge does not show on your PayPal account, please report the activity to your credit card issuer immediately. They'll need to issue you a new card number. (If it shows on your PayPal account, your card number is safe. We have protocols in place to prevent anyone from seeing your financial information.) 

After reporting the activity with your card issuer, you can also reach out to PayPal's Customer Support. We'll be happy to search for the transaction on any guest accounts to ensure it's reported on our side. You can contact Customer Support by clicking 'Contact' at the bottom of any PayPal page for further assistance. Support is also available through Facebook private message or Twitter direct message.

I hope this information helps and the charge is refunded quickly, 

- Meghan

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