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Scam Courier

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So i sell on Facebook my gamer pc, and someone react in Messenger lets call him C.P and he wrote he can pay me in pay pal, or bank transfer i want bank transfer but he say he pay pal the money. He ask my bank holder name, iban, swift code, e-mail, phone number. Then write me in viber. And yesterday he told me he transfer the money, and he said follow the instruction in e-mail. I got an e-mail from paypalviatransferintl and the e-mail say: How to complete this transaction and get the funds available in your account. Go to you are required to first forward the 219,000.00 HUF transport charges involved, To the transport agent via BTC wallet address bc1q79zh024vp0c26xn7yw2rjdvg2c3gm3lvqe0nl7 transfer and send us the confirmation for verification. this is a scam? I think so. Then i talk to buyer, i dont want to crypto the money, and then i got an e-mail if i dont pay the law find me etc. Pls help me

Scam Courier

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You never pay any upfront fee as a seller.

Ignore scammers that send fake Paypal emails telling you that you need to pay an upfront fee to verify/upgrade/or any other reason to 'accept' a payment.

You would certainly never have to send funds via another payment processor/bitcoins/ or tokens/vouchers of any sort.

Any fee is auto deducted by Paypal at the same instant the remainder of the payment is credited to your Paypal account balance.

No funds in your balance = you have not yet been paid, even pending/held payments will still show in your Paypal account activity.

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