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SCAMMED Can bank dispute claim? Can anyone do anything to help with this?

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If PayPal is unwilling to assist can my bank put stop payments on those if they are still pending on mobile banking? Is the bank able to dispute these claims as unauthorized transactions will I get my money back?

SCAMMED Can bank dispute claim? Can anyone do anything to help with this?

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Can only dispute transactions that are completed. PayPal or bank, that is the industry rule. Pending means no money has been transferred over, just earmarked awaiting the merchant to capture. If it continues to be Pending…it’ll eventually expire and drop off as if it never happened or go to Completed status, for which you could then either open a PayPal dispute (for item not received (INR) or significantly not as described (SNAD). Unauthorized activity option is when someone broke into your account to make the transaction(s). If you made the payment yourself, claim will be denied so have to go for an INR or SNAD dispute), or forfeit the PayPal disputes and open credit chargeback or bank reversal instead if you want. Once you do this, there’s no going back to PayPal for help.


The thing is, if the completed payment went as an instant transfer (bank payment backed by a card), stopping payment at your bank is not a good move because PayPal advanced the money from their pocket because bank payments are slow so PayPal is owed this money. Your PayPal balance will go in the negative if you block your bank from paying out to PayPal. Just let the payments complete (or expire) and use buyer protection if needed to get your money back if seller doesn’t ship/don’t have proof of delivery. If the seller gives fake tracking, there are ways to fight that. If seller sent item significantly not as described, you’ll return the item to get a refund. If PayPal does rule in your favor, then you can go to your bank or card.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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