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Report problem with paypal, and noone helps

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A few weeks ago I accidentally received 2 payments from a client of mine to a unverified account I used to have a few years ago when I was living in the Netherlands. I restored the password to access the account, in order to send him the funds.
I realized I still had my dutch number, which with the help of the ES paypal team I managed to change.
Once I could enter the account, I uploaded my ID and I couldn't upload a receipt of a supplier, because I don't have one.
I called Paypal NL a couple of times, but since I don't speak dutch I never made it to an agent, and got stuck in the auto responder. Have they thought of people that don't speak the official language in the hotlines they manage?.
I realized at least that I could send a message to the NL Paypal support by accessing my account.
I explained the situation to them and again I got an autoresponder message saying that the incident would be treated. 
After a few hours, to my surprise I got an email saying that my account is going to be closed...
. A possible solution to this is:
- Either close the account in NL and open a new one in ES, so that I can manage to fix the problem by adding a spanish card.
- Either send the funds to the business address that should've gotten the payment and close the NL account... 
Considering Paypal as a company that puts lots of effort in customer service, I am completely deceived. It is amazing how huge companies end up treating customers as a whole...
That's the reason why I posted the problem here, to see if someone finally knows what to do, because it is totally unfair not to have feedback.

Report problem with paypal, and noone helps


Best option is to find another processor. PayPal used to be good but customer support has drastically declined over past couple years.  It has become so bad I am starting to use CashApp and others more and more.



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