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Remove the secondary user due to annoying acccount limitation

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There is an option on paypal saying changing your nickname to your real name so I did that few years ago and now it's asking me documentation for secondary user (which was my nickname), I already told paypal about this few years ago and sorted it out already but now they limit my account and asked me for the documentation of my nickname, what the heck??? how do you remove the nickname secondary user? This is really annoying that they don't even set up my account properly.


Remove the secondary user due to annoying acccount limitation

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A legal name change

A minor misspelling

And in the case of an account for a registered business, a change in the designated contact for the company.


Changing from a fictitious name (or, as in your case, a name unrelated to your legal name) to a legally recognized name is not something that is supported. If the account is not currently limited, you may wish to close the account and open an account using the correct information.


The 'nickname' change is normally if its still a part of your real name ie you put Rich Smith instead of Richard Smith, you can't change a totally made up nickname to your real name.

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