Refund when isssues have been closed?

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I have a bank account that is directly linked to my PayPal account.
However, due to a misclick, I accidentally clicked to transfer money to someone with whom I had previously done business.
Paypal did not ask for confirmation or a confirmation code from my phone/email. The transaction has been completed.
I requested an immediate refund, but PayPal stated:


Case Status:Closed
Thank you for reporting this case. After our review, we found that certain transactions weren't unauthorized and hence couldn't be covered by PayPal Purchase Protection."


I attempted to contact the vendor (really last year's seller - I did not purchase anything from him this year), but he did not answer.

When someone charges your account WITHOUT your permission, how can you decide to simply close the case?
On October 24th, my account was charged WITHOUT MY CONSENT. I filed a complaint, and the case was dismissed...??


ALL I WISH FOR IS MY MONEY BACK. WHAT DOES "PayPal Purchase Protection" MEAN? I accidentally clicked to buy something, there was no authorization, my money was gone, and I couldn't get it back??????

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A dispute for an unauthorised transaction is telling paypal that your account was hacked and used without your consent to make that transaction.
Paypal would check IP addresses and devices and close the dispute if it was you that made the transaction.....which you did.

You are only allowed 1 dispute per transaction so the only way you can get a second dispute opened is to contact Paypal and see if they will open a second dispute for you. Suggest you open one for non receipt of item as that vendor has nothing to send you.

If not then if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card then consider contacting your card issuer and see if they will help you with a chargeback?

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